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CMS – What is it and why do we need it?

CMS stands for Content Managed System

Described like that probably means you know little more about it than you did when you began reading this blog.  The strange thing is nowadays I bet you use a CMS system almost daily without even realising it!

Take social media as an example.  For the aid of this exercise we will use Facebook as the example but most social media sites are CMS systems.  Imagine that your Facebook Profile orjoomla_login Wall is your companies website. You log in to Facebook, post a status update, check in to your favourite restaurant or share the latest selfie.  This posts on to your Facebook wall instantly for all to see.  That, in a nutshell is what CMS is all about.  You log in to the ‘back end’ of a website to ‘manage the content’ on the front end that users see. An example of the login to Joomla is pictured (right).

Why do we need it?

Now that we’ve covered what CMS is, why we need it is a good question and it may be that you don’t.  Let’s take a few examples of websites that I’ve designed recently and see if the need for CMS is really there:

Accountancy Website:

Generally, the information put on the website is done all at once, there may be a staff section that needs updating when a person joins or leaves, but with less than ten staff this isn’t likely to happen too often. Do they need CMS? I’d say no.

Photography Website:

Basic website detailing about the photographer, how the prospective client goes about getting prints and a gallery of recent shots.  Given that to keep the website fresh and ensure that people keep ‘checking back’ to see if there is a shot they like, the need to be able to upload photos themselves would be beneficial. Do they need CMS? I would say possibly.

Racehorse Trainer:

More in-depth website showcasing the trainers successes both recently and in the long term, pages about the staff they employ and the facilities they provide.  Also updatable pages containing the current list of horses they have in training, upcoming entries, recent results and a news service.  Do they need CMS? Most definitely!

Why does CMS cost so much?

So you will see the need for CMS is varied. Why does CMS cost so much? Thats a pretty good question.  Given that most CMS software is free at the point of use, I can only guess that using a CMS system negates the need for a website update contract to be struck with your designer.  Perhaps that is why web design companies offset the cost of losing the contract against the price to add CMS to it.

Here at Newmarket Computer Services, CMS will never occur an additional fee!

Our theory is, if you like our services that much you’ll be back in a few years for a freshen up or complete update of your website!

The price most websites charge for CMS as an extra:


Remember, with Newmarket Computer Services you don’t pay extra for something that is free!